Mesolift Product Package

Starter Pack Gold star 500x500 500x500
Starter Pack Gold star 500x500 500x500

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This pack is designed for use with the Meso Lift Pro which combines Microcurrent and Electroporation.


Professional products
A selection of Marketing Material
Training Manual


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Treatment products


1 x 300ml Ionto Gel – Sensitive

1 x 300ml Ionto Gel - Collagen

1 x 180ml Gentle Cleanser

1 x 180ml Rich Cream Cleanser

1 x 50ml Cleansing Balm

1 x 180ml Gentle Toner

1 x 180ml Soft Touch Toner

1 x 150ml Delicate Facial Wash

1 x 180ml Eye Makeup Remover Non Oily

1 x 50ml Exfoliating Enzyme

1 x 150ml Micro Exfoliant

1 x Ampoules No 2 ( box of 10 )

1 x 50ml Restoring Cream Rich

1 x 15ml Instant Smoothing Serum

1 x 15ml Collagen Eye Cream

1 x 15ml Lip Balm

1 x 125g Jasmine & YlangYlang Spa Massage Candle

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