UltraVisage Microcurrent (CC2000)

Ultra Visage Microcurrent CC2000 LR
Ultra Visage Microcurrent CC2000 LR

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Key Benefits

Cleanse, tones, drains, lifts and assist absortion of collagen gels/ampoules

Complete preset, timed variable wave forms.

Low frequency micro current at its best.

Micro current, galvanic, intophoresis.


TheCarlton UltraVisage is a low frequency, micro-current mains operated treatment unit. Its specially designed programme uses pre-set timed variable wave forms, to provide the finest client treatment. UltraVisage offers facial and body contour lifting by re-programming the muscle fibres, reducing and smoothing the fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. Sagging breasts and upper arms will improve immensely, along with skin tone and texture.

The unit is more than just a lifting treatment. To enhance the treatment and offer your client a complete facial, the Ultra Visage also combines desincrustation and iontophoresis which when used with ampoules, gels or serums of your choice, will provide the ultimate facial treatment.

Dimensions: Length: 28cm Width: 20.5cm Height: 14cm Weight: 2kg

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