RF Pro Unit Only (CC3095)

RF Pro CC3095 LR
RF Pro CC3095 LR

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Key Benefits

Firms & reduces appearance of cellulite.

Multipolar. Improves skin tone.

Radio frequency, vacuum and chromatherapy.

Radio Frequency. high power face and body unit.

Tighten and tones contours to face and neck.


A complete treatment for both face and body. Effective 3 in 1 system; results driven anti-ageing on the face and a cellulite treatment for the body. The Radio Frequency treatment uses waves which excite the molecular structure within the skin tissues generating heat. This thermal energy stimulates collagen production in the face, tightening and lifting the skin. When used on the body it helps break down fat cells reducing the appearance of cellulite. It is a multi-polar unit, easy to use, time efficient when delivering client treatments and highly profitable for the salon, sending clients home with immediate and visible improvements to skin tone and appearance for the forst treatment.

Vacuum is also included on the machine- this treatment boosts both the lymph and blood circulatory systems by stimulating the underlying structures. For the face, the increased circulation improves skin texture and increases lymphatic drainage, aiding the removal of toxins. For the body, vacuum treatments help to break down the fatty tissue and cellulite, as well as improving lymphatic and venous circulation whilst toning and improving the appearance of the skin.

ThermaVisage RF8 includes 5 vacuum levels and 4 vacuum modes, allowing the therapist to personalise the treatment for their clients. In addition, the unit includes Chromatherapy. Used in combination with Radio Frequency and Vacuum, the Chromatherapy treatment stimulates the skin's cells to facilitate cell change. The inclusion of both red and blue LED lights offers a wide range of benefits.

Dimensions: Diameter: 82cm (at widest point of unit) Height: 28cm (excluding stand) Weight: 5.4kg (excluding stand)

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