Meso Lift Pro (CC5600)

Meso Lift Pro CC5600 LR
Meso Lift Pro CC5600 LR

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Product Code: CC5600

Key Benefits

Electroporation for deeper penetration of products/Anti wrinkle masks.

Micro current and electroporation.

Micro current improves facial contours.

Simple 2 ball electrode.


This incredible new non-invasive machine eliminates the need for micro-needling, with no more client downtime! The Meso Lift Pro combines both Microcurrent and Electroporation, giving an improvement to both the facial contours and enhancing the condition and appearance of the skin. Microcurrent is a tried and tested method of improving the facial contours by working on the muscles.

The Meso Lift Pro also simplifies the application of Microcurrent, taking away the long and laborious use of the two probes which are traditionally used with other Microcurrent models. The machine has a single two ball treatment electrode which is used to reposition the muscles by using firm upward stroking and holding movements.

Electroporation is the application of a comfortable but specific current which disturbs the lipidic links between the cells to create pours in the skin - this allow for treatment products suck as gels, creams and serums to penetrate deeply into the skin, according to the size of the molecules contained in the product. This eliminates the need for any form of micro-needling and the need for client down time associated with needling.

Dimensions: 272mm x 245mm x 144mm WEIGHT: 1.5kg

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