Lift Professional multi-function unit (CC2010)

Lift professional
Lift professional

£2,750.00 ex. VAT

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Product Code: AA02FACCC2010

Key Benefits

3 in 1 unit. Saves on space.

Micro current, facial galvanic and high frequency.

Micro current, facial galvanic desincrustation/iontophoresis & high frequency.

Treats skin, tissue, muscle tone, smooths and promotes collegen.


Facial Galvanic/Micro current/High-frequency Lift Professional, a unique combination of Ultraderm and Ultra Visage. The unit gives you full flexibility enabling you to choose between a combination treatment or individual as required. The Microcurrent is for face and body. Complete with a full set of accessories for each function.

Dimensions: Length: 38cm Width: 25.5cm Height: 17.5cm Weight: 4.2kg

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