Ultrablend (CC2337)

Ultra Blend machine
Ultra Blend machine

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Key Benefits

Combining effective methods of hair removal to give best results.

Easy to use needle holder with removable chuck.

Supplied with fingerswitch needleholder or footswitch option unit available (CC2337X).


Carlton Professional present the Ultrablend combining two effective methods of epilation that simultaneously increase the success of the electrolysis treatment. D.C. - Galvanism produces lye (NaOH) at the negative pole, in this case the needle, to chemically destroy dermal papilla. This is a very slow method but the success rate is high. R.F. - Diathermy destroys the papilla by electrocoagulation quickly and effectively.

When these two methods are used simultaneously they are complementary giving a short application time with an extremely effective result. To facilitate a full treatment programme the Carlton Ultrablend has a stainless steel phoresis twin ball electrode to initally prepare the follicle for ease of insertion - Anaphoresis (-) and finally, at the end of the treatment, to sooth the endings and reduce erythema - Cataphoresis(+).

UltraBlend units are available with either a footswitch and a plain needle holder or a switched needle holder. NB. When using a footswitch, diathermy can be used in a timed mode. There is also a Pre-Warm feature when using Blend.

Dimensions: Length: 28cm, Width: 20.5cm, Height: 14cmWeight: 2kg.

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