Epiltherm (CC2307)

StreilPro cc2307 1
StreilPro cc2307 1

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This unit operates at a temperature in excess of 300C which means that forceps or tweezers inserted into the heated glass beads will be sterilised within one minute. The Epiltherm has an indicator light to show when sterilising temperature has been reached. The Local Government Miscellaneous Provisions Act (1982), provides that any premises used for epilation, and all electrologists must provide proper means of sterilisation of the equipment used. Whilst it is obviously recommended to use disposable needles, a high speed steriliser will be found to be of tremendous benefit as it provides a means of sterilising epilation forceps, acupuncture needles and other small items, such as manicure tools instantly, in front of your client. Dimensions: Length: 12cm Width: 9cm Height: 12cm Weight: 0.8kg

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