Body Faradic (CC2310)

Body Faradic CC2310 LR
Body Faradic CC2310 LR

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Key Benefits

20 pads, 1 facial electrode.

Face and body muscle tone.

Mono & bi phasic treatments (four options) Digital countdown


A totally transistorised passive muscle exerciser with 10 outlets feeding 20 electrode pads. Each outlet has an individual intensity control. The Carlton Faradic has an advanced specification allowing the operator to not only select the duration of each contraction and relaxation, the frequency and the intensity, but also to vary the pulse width giving far greater performance and a higher level of client comfort.

The operator can select from four pulse sequences giving either positive or mixed contractions on a regular or intermittent basis. Being fitted with a digital countdown timer also allows the therapist to see easily the duration of treatment time left.

To ensure complete safety and comfort the CARLTON Faradic has a reset button which prevents its use unless all controls have first been set to zero. This reset circuit is also connected to a remote control client alarm to switch off the apparatus and sound a buzzer.

Dimensions: Length: 38cm Width: 25.5cm Height: 17.5cm Weight: 5.1kg

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