A re- opening date in sight??

Boris Johnson has said that his blueprint for a gradual easing of the coronavirus lockdown in England could see primary schools, nurseries and shops reopening partially from 1st June.

Although it was originally thought that hairdressers/salons could be among the first businesses to reopen, Dominic Raab has revealed that they will not open until 4th July at the earliest.

The beginnings of a government-led Safety At Work document are forming, and of course we must await this complete industry-specific document before deciding our individual policies and procedures going forwards. 

However, regardless of the rules, we have to face facts. This is going to cost us money, and whilst some businesses may have an influx of customers upon re-opening, others will not. It really will depend factors such as your demographic (especially average client age), and other social and economic considerations.

We have to respect the fact that many clients will feel too vulnerable to visit a salon. They may have underlying health conditions, have elderly relatives they need to protect, or be a mature client themselves. They may have lost their jobs, or their partner might have lost theirs. Grown up children will be home from university, meaning more mouths to feed. Income that was previously disposable might now be essential to covering living costs; so many factors that can, and will, affect our businesses. 

What can we do to stay ahead and prepare for this next stage? Because re-opening doesn’t mean ‘back to normal’: not straight away at least. 

France, for example, have introduced a PPE charge per client. They’ve also implemented other sensible policies: The hairdresser and client should both wear masks, there must be no nonessential contacts, and clients must fill in full details upon each visit. No walk in are clients allowed, and a no frills service menu has been created. 

Assuming we must adopt a similar approach, and add to that the extra procedures that a beauty treatment dictates, then we should expect an expenditure of both time and money.

One possibility is to create a system where longer treatments become more commonplace, thus discouraging multiple visits and the need for excessive PPE usage. Encourage clients to use you for a ‘one stop beauty shop’; why increase risk of infection by having nails done here, face done there, tan done elsewhere? This is both a profitable and responsible way forwards. Alongside staggered bookings and thorough clean downs, this would minimise the amount of lost column minutes. 

I’ve spoken a lot about embracing change within your business model and thinking creatively about how you can adapt your business offering.

In practical terms, this means things like placing a greater emphasis on retail to realise your profits, and looking to embrace online platforms as a means to communicate and consult. It could also mean actual change to your business model. Could you consider how your business might actually pose less risk to you and your clients? 

For example, mobile therapists could see a real upturn in their business. This might be worth considering as a short-term solution if you are a salon. Home visits might mean that more clients are willing to have treatment if the only risk is someone adequately protected coming to their home. Essentially this poses no more risk than an agency carer visiting them, or a relative or friend, which by the point of re-opening should be possible. 

Another thought process is a no frills menu: short, quick treatments, no hands on, no ‘fluff N puff’! 
Consider performing manicures without the usual hand massage, or facials that are machine-led only. Prioritise promotion of treatments that include limited contact and aim only for basic grooming.

Regardless of your politics and whether you agree with the government course of action, it is crucial to think outside of the box and decide how you can re-open responsibly. Despite the confusion surrounding each announcement, and how it leaves you with a sense of uncertainty, what most of you know for certain is that the ultimate priority is protecting ourselves, each other and our clients. We must create responsible systems upon re-opening that will assist in preventing further infection. 

On another note, regardless of what the government says, you must also each await news from your individual insurers on how to proceed. 

Last week, announcements on Sunday saw businesses open on Monday. I would be very surprised if each of those businesses had time to fully brief their staff about policies and procedures surrounding Covid-19. I also wonder if they each checked exactly what was covered under their insurance in these unprecedented times. 

It is crucial that you do act with due diligence before re-opening your doors, and if this means adding a few days in to the official government opening date then so be it. 

The message here – be safe, stay alert, protect the NHS; protect yourselves and your clients, ensure you are insured!

Salon Policies & Procedures.

Policies and procedure

Fast forwarding to an unknown date, when we begin to approach our return to work and re-opening our salon and clinic doors. It will be essential to reassure clients that you are taking all necessary precautions to protect them from infection. 

Staff, too, will feel reassured about returning to the workplace if strict measures have been implemented and advertised, or better still, if they have been offered some opportunity to extend their knowledge of hygiene practices. 

This is an example of the sort of notice you could begin to put together. Feel free to copy and paste it directly, or make it your own by adding to, or taking away from, the list. Begin to get your head around not just writing the policy, but sticking to it. 

Dear Clients,

Due to Covid-19, along with many other businesses, we were closed under government guidance for a period of time to allow for appropriate social distancing measures to be implemented.

Due to the close contact nature of our profession we wanted to reassure you that certain steps have been taken during closure to protect our staff and clients from risk of infection. 

These steps were:

A full and professional deep clean to the entire premises has been carried out using anti-viral, hospital-grade cleaning agents. All hard surfaces, walls, floors and doors have been thoroughly cleaned. 

All soft furnishings/towels/couch covers/throws have been boil washed. Any excessive soft furnishings have been removed for the necessary period. 

We have removed unnecessary ornamental decoration for daily ease of cleaning and to limit cross infection opportunity. 

Our future promise to you:

Covid-19 Policy 

We have added 15 minutes to every appointment upon re-opening to ensure we have enough time to implement the following rigorous hygiene standards, before and after each appointment. The process will consist of the following:

Thorough wipe down of door handles/waiting chairs/sink/couch with anti-viral spray and disposable cloths. 

All products touched by previous client will be cleaned with anti-viral sprays and disposable cloths. 

Fresh disposable hygienic couch cover per client. 

Fresh disposable headband and hair net per client.

Fresh disposable gloves and a fresh disposable plastic apron will be put on in front of each client. 

All used PPE will be disposed of into specifically allocated bins around the salon, and will be removed from the premises each evening. 

We will wash our hands thoroughly, and in front of our clients, every 20 minutes where possible, using anti-bacterial hand wash and hand sanitiser before gloving up. 

We do have protective masks and hair nets for staff to wear if you so request. Please email or phone ahead and we would be happy to treat you wearing extra protective garments if you wish. 

Our therapists have been provided with extra uniforms and will wear (as per normal) freshly laundered uniform each day, having showered and washed their hair each morning. 

The bathroom/WC will be sanitised after each and every use, whether by staff or clients. 

For the period of uncertainty, our therapists will not wear any nail enhancements or wear polish. 

We are, for the first period of opening, staggering appointments to avoid any clients being in the waiting area together. However, we have placed our chairs 2 meters apart and removed the majority of them in the short term. 

Our staff will not attend work if they have any symptoms and we would expect our clients to cancel their appointments if they feel at all unwell. 

We will continue to adapt our policy in line with government advice and the department of health guidelines and will advertise any changes made for transparency purposes.

What’s Next? Read our Top 10 Tips

What’s next? 

Several weeks into lockdown, reality has begun to set in, and there is a very real question mark hanging over the survival of our businesses.  
Every cupboard in the house has been sorted. The wardrobe is positively capsule.  Every recipe ooh-ed and ahh-ed at over the past couple years has now been tried, mastered and mmm-ed! 

Yoga with Adrienne can do one, and Grace Beverley … well good for her! 
The gurus have spoken. We are all going to be fitter, more empowered and more knowledgeable by the end of this lockdown. Apparently we will have established a long sought-after balance in our lives. 

In the natural world, the birds are singing louder than ever and there are an abundance of bumblebees and butterflies. The air feels cleaner, and the sky most definitely seems bluer. 

But the burning question lurking at the back of our minds during this period, despite the welcome distractions of cooking, cleaning, homeschooling etc., is will I have a business to return to when all this is over? 

The answer is YES! However, will it be the same business you left behind at the start of this period? Probably not. 

Diversification is the key here. 

L’Oréal has taken up the mantle of backing start-up business ideas. They are seeking online tech models, virtual sales platforms, and other innovations. The big boys have spotted a niche and are acting quickly to market new alternatives, that still guarantee clients the ability to consult and buy products for their skin. 

Many business models will need to negotiate change within their offering. Adapting the way we interact with clients in order to maintain their interest is essential to our survival as an industry. 

How can I put all of those years of accumulated experience, knowledge and practice into a Facebook post I hear you say? You can’t. But the consolation here is that neither can anyone else. 

During these unprecedented times, focus on holding on to those clients that have already experienced your hands, your warmth, your expertise. Make sure they want to see you on the other side, and let them know that you’re missing them.  

However, an extended lockdown doesn’t have to mean a period of absolutely no income. Here are some initial ideas to get your business wheels turning; they might be doing 30mph for now instead of 60, but it’s better than being at a standstill! 

1. Get your website up to date. Add all products currently available for sale and make online purchasing an easy endeavour. 

2. Offer FaceTime or Zoom skin consultations. If you have a booking system keep this updated with virtual appointments for organisational purposes. 

3. Create sample packs and send them to clients to increase their spend. 

4. Send VIP sample packs or trial size/leftover gift packs to your top 10-50 clients. This will retain their interest and thank them for their loyal custom. 

5. Buy in at-home machines/devices, to retail to clients that want an alternative to their salon treatment.

6. Continue to Post regularly on social media.

7. Keep in touch with staff. Keep them motivated by getting them involved with client contact, and enlist their help to run social media campaigns and competitions. Give them each a business-building project to complete during their time off. 

8.Expand your own knowledge via online training and tell your customers all about it! Get them excited about revisiting you with all your new skills. 

9.Make sure you write a regular newsletter keeping clients updated. Keep them positive and loaded with useful tips. 

10.Post treatment video tutorials. For example, you could educate your clients on how to massage their own faces. Create a facial pack to retail alongside your tutorial and instructions. 

On a practical note, think about the fact that when those doors are allowed to reopen, there needs to have been a super deep clean to the entire space. Heightened hygiene policies and procedures need to be implemented and advertised in order for clients to have confidence in your company.
So, lots to be getting on with! Great community spirit to help you on your way, and a light at the end of the tunnel! Stay positive!

Business, Education and Marketing win the day

And the winners are… BUSINESS, EDUCATION, AND (drumroll please) MARKETING! 

Quarantine blues is no big news – we all knew this was going to be a tough run. 

However, focusing on the positives is so important when looking ahead at the future of your beauty and aesthetics business. 

It’s important to remember that we will at some point return to normal, and whilst it may be a new version of normal, we predict it’s going to be a busy time for our salons. 

Taking the time to support your clients remotely is a necessity at present. Phone and tablet usage is in overdrive with so many people having unprecedented time on their hands, and your clients’ Google skills will be well honed nearly 3 weeks into lockdown!

Posting regularly on social media and sending out messages of support is crucial for successful client retention. Why don’t you post some of your top tips or most valuable skincare advice? Alternatively, you could film a mini facial demonstration, or post a ‘how to’ video for a face mask made from fridge and store cupboard staples. It’s the perfect time to get creative, and if you’re not doing it, your competitors will be! 

When will you ever have time like this on your hands again? If you are successful, then you’re usually super busy, right? Diaries overflowing with appointments – no time to embark on a new course, or for admin days, or for marketing. In the chaos of everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of why you opened your business in the first place – all of those entrepreneurial hopes and dreams, only semi-realised. 

Well, here is your opportunity! 

  1. Business. Dig out that business plan. If you are self-employed, think of your business plan as a silent manager – setting you tasks, goals and objectives, and providing guidance. Have you even looked at it since you got busy? Did you have one in the first place? And, if you have taken the odd peek, maybe now is the perfect time to adapt it in line with your current business, and make decisions about what you want for your business going forwards.
  • Education. ‘knowledge is power’: there really was never a truer saying and excelling in your area of expertise will set you apart from your competitors. Your staff will revel in the knowledge that working for you means continued learning, and therefore, continued progression. As an individual, manager or owner, it means you are a ‘go to’ for clients, someone whose opinion they seek, value and trust. Trust equals retention, and retention equals revenue. Keeping abreast of trends and having an in-depth knowledge in your field generates interest and sales. Make the most of this time by taking a few online courses to extend your theoretical knowledge. Develop your team’s ‘thinking’ around retail, course sales and treatment, and come up with collaborative strategies as to how your approach could potentially be improved. Instead of scrolling through Facebook in bed, why don’t you watch a couple of those YouTube treatment videos that are always piquing your interest, but that you always seem to be too busy to actually watch?
  • Marketing. This doesn’t mean you have to be online all day, every day. If you are someone that normally finds themselves saying ‘I can’t do it, I’m no good at social media’, use this time to brush up on your online marketing skills. If you wanted to be really productive, you could even create a marketing calendar. This will prevent the last-minute panic before events and launches that always seem to come round way too soon: no more missed deadlines of half-hearted attempts at your ambitious vision. Creating a marketing calendar will give you a realistic timeline, outlining clearly when certain tasks need doing in order to deliver an event smoothly and successfully. Plan your marketing schedule around key events: Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc. Find out seasonal product launch dates from your supplier; they will usually have all information available at least six months in advance. Plan launch nights and demonstration evenings well in advance, and consider scheduling them for when clients may have just been paid bonuses (end of a quarter) to help you secure course sales. For each date, you mark, work backwards up to eight weeks for physical events (e.g. parties, open days, open evenings) and 4 weeks for anything that just requires social media and web advertising. Think about your message, reason, budget and objective for each occasion, and allow yourself plenty of time to achieve your goals. 

Lastly, never has there been a better opportunity to become part of the community you trade in. There are volunteer groups springing up all over the place, and many of them are looking for ideas, help and morale boosting posts. Hospitals and care facilities are seeking donations of protective clothing and sanitizer gel, and this is a key way in which your business could show solidarity with our healthcare system in these trying times. These opportunities are ways that we can all genuinely help, and we believe they will pay forward when the time comes for us to re-open our doors. 

Maximise your Profits with Aesthetics

The beauty industry is filled with opportunities for you to expand and increase your profits, and one way you can do this is by introducing Aesthetic treatments to your business, such as Radio Frequency. The initial spend could set you back around £4,000, however you will see yourself and your business benefiting from the investment very quickly.

Here we have an income comparison chart based on an individual beauty therapist carrying out treatments in their salon. By adding Aesthetic treatments into your Salon, including Radio Frequency and Meso-Therapy you can double your income and save on consumables.

You will see that we have added course treatments into the diary, to show you how these work as added value for you and your business. A course is being sold to a client to intensively treat for a real results driven outcome – this will equate to many more visits per client over the course of the year – bonus!

Don’t forget about other treatments you can add to further increase your income, such as IPL and laser hair removal.

Cost of treatments in the Aesthetic Business column is less due to machinery being the main investment, rather than extensive and differing products – this means higher profits and more manageable stock levels.

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you with your transition from Beauty Business to Aesthetics Clinic.

Telephone number – 01903 761100
Email address – info@carltonprofessional.com

Please note, prices in chart are set as an average using Carlton Professional gels, ampoules, enzymes and Dibi Milano products. Prices shown are COGs, not overheads.

Advanced Summer Treatments with Carlton Professional

It’s an exciting time of year at Carlton Professional, where you can add two fantastic electrotherapy machines to your beauty business for just £3995 (saving you £1000!).

Meso Lift Pro – See instant results with our Microcurrent and electroporation machine. This fantastic treatment instantly lifts facial muscles whilst the electroporation helps to penetrate beauty products deep into the dermis.

RF Face – Combines three technologies to create tighter, younger skin. Give your clients a Carlton Red Carpet facial to prepare for a wedding, holiday or any other special event, with results lasting up to two years (a course of 10 treatments is recommended).

These machines can be combined to create the ULTIMATE ANTI-AGEING facial – lifting, toning, tightening and energising the skin!

With the first 30 orders we will be giving away 4 amazing beauty products (worth £51) from the brand OLOS. OLOS uses the most effective, pure and genuine elements for its active ingredients in products, whilst not testing on animals and containing no parabens. In this free OLOS pack you will receive;

1x Fruitti Di Bosco Skin-Soothing Facial Cleansing Milk

1x Fruitti Di Bosco Skin Soothing Facial Spray Toner

1x Hydrasence Super Moisturising Intensive Face Cream

1x Vitamin Plus Pro-Age Powder (4x 1.8g vials)

Contact us today on 01903 761100 or info@carltonprofessional.com to find out more and place your order!

Terms and Conditions

All prices mentioned are before VAT

Meso Lift Pro and RF Pro offer ends August 2019

Free OLOS products are only available on the first 30 orders placed and may be sent separately from the RF Face and Meso Lift Pro package

Offer available only to salons, spas and mobile therapists

High Frequency…. Why we Still Love It!

High Frequency is one of those treatments which sometimes gets forgotten about, but it’s a timeless and essential skin rejuvenating treatment that gives brilliant results, so we felt it deserved it’s own blog post!

If your client is suffering from a few breakouts and skin dryness then this is the treatment they should be trying. It comes in two forms, consisting of indirect and direct high frequency.

Indirect high frequency is brilliant for improving the condition of the client’s dry skin, as well as improving the appearance of fine lines and aiding relaxation of the skin tissues.

Direct high frequency, on the other hand, is ideal for drying out oily areas of the face – fantastic for those with combination skin! It will also destroy bacteria whilst improving the condition of the client’s blemished skin!

We offer a great range of high frequency equipment at Carlton Professional – from our combination units to our compact units which are ideal for mobile therapists! Take a look at the following link to see our offering….

Carlton Professional High Frequency Equipment

If you’d like more information on our equipment or to find out about our finance options then contact us on 01903 761100 or email info@carltonprofessional.com!

Dibi Milano’s Procellular 365 – The Small Line with Very Big Promises!

The first dermobiotic line by Dibi Milano – scientifically formulated to renew and code the skin reticulum.

Procellular 365 targets the saprophytic bacteria on the skin’s surface, which promotes the repair mechanisms and cell longevity – the secret to cell regeneration!

This award winning product;

  • Rebuilds skin tissue
  • Strengthens sensitised skin, to resist external aggression
  • Prepares skin for aesthetic medicine interventions
  • Restores natural mechanisms that promote cell longevity
  • Promotes elimination of toxins harmful to skin
  • Retextures, promotes cohesion in fragile, worn skin, making it smooth and firm

The range of products could be sold prior to aesthetic treatment (non-ablative fractional lasers, mesotherapy, plasma, surgery), to guarantee less down time for the client and better results will be seen due to the skin being in optimal condition. It can help to speed up recovery and the optimal skin barrier functions, rapidly soothing redness rashes and irritation caused by aesthetic medicine.

Contact us today to book in a demo by calling 01903 761100 or emailing info@carltonprofessional.com