Salon Policies & Procedures.

Policies and procedure

Fast forwarding to an unknown date, when we begin to approach our return to work and re-opening our salon and clinic doors. It will be essential to reassure clients that you are taking all necessary precautions to protect them from infection. 

Staff, too, will feel reassured about returning to the workplace if strict measures have been implemented and advertised, or better still, if they have been offered some opportunity to extend their knowledge of hygiene practices. 

This is an example of the sort of notice you could begin to put together. Feel free to copy and paste it directly, or make it your own by adding to, or taking away from, the list. Begin to get your head around not just writing the policy, but sticking to it. 

Dear Clients,

Due to Covid-19, along with many other businesses, we were closed under government guidance for a period of time to allow for appropriate social distancing measures to be implemented.

Due to the close contact nature of our profession we wanted to reassure you that certain steps have been taken during closure to protect our staff and clients from risk of infection. 

These steps were:

A full and professional deep clean to the entire premises has been carried out using anti-viral, hospital-grade cleaning agents. All hard surfaces, walls, floors and doors have been thoroughly cleaned. 

All soft furnishings/towels/couch covers/throws have been boil washed. Any excessive soft furnishings have been removed for the necessary period. 

We have removed unnecessary ornamental decoration for daily ease of cleaning and to limit cross infection opportunity. 

Our future promise to you:

Covid-19 Policy 

We have added 15 minutes to every appointment upon re-opening to ensure we have enough time to implement the following rigorous hygiene standards, before and after each appointment. The process will consist of the following:

Thorough wipe down of door handles/waiting chairs/sink/couch with anti-viral spray and disposable cloths. 

All products touched by previous client will be cleaned with anti-viral sprays and disposable cloths. 

Fresh disposable hygienic couch cover per client. 

Fresh disposable headband and hair net per client.

Fresh disposable gloves and a fresh disposable plastic apron will be put on in front of each client. 

All used PPE will be disposed of into specifically allocated bins around the salon, and will be removed from the premises each evening. 

We will wash our hands thoroughly, and in front of our clients, every 20 minutes where possible, using anti-bacterial hand wash and hand sanitiser before gloving up. 

We do have protective masks and hair nets for staff to wear if you so request. Please email or phone ahead and we would be happy to treat you wearing extra protective garments if you wish. 

Our therapists have been provided with extra uniforms and will wear (as per normal) freshly laundered uniform each day, having showered and washed their hair each morning. 

The bathroom/WC will be sanitised after each and every use, whether by staff or clients. 

For the period of uncertainty, our therapists will not wear any nail enhancements or wear polish. 

We are, for the first period of opening, staggering appointments to avoid any clients being in the waiting area together. However, we have placed our chairs 2 meters apart and removed the majority of them in the short term. 

Our staff will not attend work if they have any symptoms and we would expect our clients to cancel their appointments if they feel at all unwell. 

We will continue to adapt our policy in line with government advice and the department of health guidelines and will advertise any changes made for transparency purposes.