Maximise your Profits with Aesthetics

The beauty industry is filled with opportunities for you to expand and increase your profits, and one way you can do this is by introducing Aesthetic treatments to your business, such as Radio Frequency. The initial spend could set you back around £4,000, however you will see yourself and your business benefiting from the investment very quickly.

Here we have an income comparison chart based on an individual beauty therapist carrying out treatments in their salon. By adding Aesthetic treatments into your Salon, including Radio Frequency and Meso-Therapy you can double your income and save on consumables.

You will see that we have added course treatments into the diary, to show you how these work as added value for you and your business. A course is being sold to a client to intensively treat for a real results driven outcome – this will equate to many more visits per client over the course of the year – bonus!

Don’t forget about other treatments you can add to further increase your income, such as IPL and laser hair removal.

Cost of treatments in the Aesthetic Business column is less due to machinery being the main investment, rather than extensive and differing products – this means higher profits and more manageable stock levels.

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Please note, prices in chart are set as an average using Carlton Professional gels, ampoules, enzymes and Dibi Milano products. Prices shown are COGs, not overheads.