High Frequency…. Why we Still Love It!

High Frequency is one of those treatments which sometimes gets forgotten about, but it’s a timeless and essential skin rejuvenating treatment that gives brilliant results, so we felt it deserved it’s own blog post!

If your client is suffering from a few breakouts and skin dryness then this is the treatment they should be trying. It comes in two forms, consisting of indirect and direct high frequency.

Indirect high frequency is brilliant for improving the condition of the client’s dry skin, as well as improving the appearance of fine lines and aiding relaxation of the skin tissues.

Direct high frequency, on the other hand, is ideal for drying out oily areas of the face – fantastic for those with combination skin! It will also destroy bacteria whilst improving the condition of the client’s blemished skin!

We offer a great range of high frequency equipment at Carlton Professional – from our combination units to our compact units which are ideal for mobile therapists! Take a look at the following link to see our offering….

Carlton Professional High Frequency Equipment

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