Dibi Milano’s Procellular 365 – The Small Line with Very Big Promises!

The first dermobiotic line by Dibi Milano – scientifically formulated to renew and code the skin reticulum.

Procellular 365 targets the saprophytic bacteria on the skin’s surface, which promotes the repair mechanisms and cell longevity – the secret to cell regeneration!

This award winning product;

  • Rebuilds skin tissue
  • Strengthens sensitised skin, to resist external aggression
  • Prepares skin for aesthetic medicine interventions
  • Restores natural mechanisms that promote cell longevity
  • Promotes elimination of toxins harmful to skin
  • Retextures, promotes cohesion in fragile, worn skin, making it smooth and firm

The range of products could be sold prior to aesthetic treatment (non-ablative fractional lasers, mesotherapy, plasma, surgery), to guarantee less down time for the client and better results will be seen due to the skin being in optimal condition. It can help to speed up recovery and the optimal skin barrier functions, rapidly soothing redness rashes and irritation caused by aesthetic medicine.

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